Is Sports Betting Legal In Wisconsin?

Is there a more holy place in sports than the hallowed Lambeau Field? For a state in the Union so tucked away up north to find themselves amid the swirl of one of the NFL's most storied and successful franchises is truly a special thing, and it's easy to see even 90 miles outside of Green Bay that you're in Packer nation and everything is green and yellow. As such, you have a state full of sports fans with an incredibly high football I.Q., and when they're not discount double-checking they may find themselves with a lot of questions related to sports betting. That's why we're here to help, because a high football I.Q. is a terrible thing to waste.

Understandably, before anyone even wants to attempt moving forward with sports betting they are curious about it's legal status. After all, legality is not only good for peace of mind, but within the parameters of a legal service, you can have several legitimate businesses competing for your money, which is never a bad thing. Happily, we can report that sports betting is, in fact legal for Wisconsin residents. This fact tends to fly in the face of popular opinion, so let's clear the air a bit. While it is in fact illegal to facilitate sports betting (bookmakers, business owners, essentially anyone who can make a profit simply by taking other people's bets can be prosecuted) no law prohibits the actual act of wagering, meaning any bet you can possibly place is perfectly legal.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Wisconsin:

We have, however come upon a big problem – what good can the legal status of actually betting possibly do you if it's illegal for anyone to actually accept a bet from you? Being miles and miles away from Las Vegas, this can seem like a very sturdy nail in the coffin. Wisconsin residents always have the option of seeking out an underground, illegally run sportsbook, but this is not a recommended course of action. Despite the fact that you cannot face any legal trouble for merely placing a sports bet in Wisconsin, even in an illegal sportsbook, there is much more to consider. Namely, why would you want to trust your hard earned money to an illegal enterprise that could vanish at any time, taking with it any deposits you've made or winnings you're otherwise entitled to? You can't exactly report Bill the bookie the the better business bureau, so such a careless investment could leave you out to dry.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Wisconsin:

So where does that leave the would be sports bettor living in Wisconsin? I can assure you, the answer is practically staring you in the face already. Indexed right here on this site, you can find several legal sportsbooks for Wisconsin residents. These sportsbooks are all based overseas, meaning they can easily work around the laws that prevent land based betting in Wisconsin. Pairing this with what we've already established about the legality of placing bets and wagers, and you now have a completely legal avenue by which to wager on any upcoming sports match. It's understandable that some may hesitate at the prospect of investing money with foreign, online companies, but rest assured that despite the fact that these companies do not operate on American soil that they are legitimate businesses dedicated to customer service. An investment with any of these legitimate betting sites open to Wisconsin residents is just as safe as a purchase made with online retail giants like Amazon or eBay.

Bovada Sportsbook - The Best Legal Sportsbook To Place Bets At In Wisconsin

Bovada SportsbookIf you're looking to start up with an online sportsbook, don't look far – just start with the best. Wisconsin's friendly northern neighbor is home to one of the best betting sites going in the Bovada online sportsbook. When you make a deposit with Bovada, there is no reason to give the safety of your money any thought. In addition to several pages worth of customer testimony that Bovada has racked up in its 20 years of service, it has the endorsement of major news networks like CBS and the USA Today backing it up as one of the safest and most legitimate sportsbooks in operation, online or otherwise. Have you ever read an article in the USA Today where a betting line was mentioned? If you answered yes, where do you suppose it cam from? Those odds did not come from the big, land based sportsbooks in Las Vegas- they cam from Bovada instead. With endorsements not only from satisfied customers but from these media giants, it's easy to see why Bovada stands a full head and shoulders over their competition.

However, don't get to thinking that just because Bovada is one of the safest and most complete sportsbooks going that they drop the ball on customer service – quite the contrary. Bovada is so confident in the services that they provide they're willing to let you try them for free. That's right, when Wisconsin residents start up an account with Bovada and make their first deposit into their brand new account, they'll find that not only were they able to get money in there quickly and with minimal fuss, but that Bovada provided them with 50% of their deposit in free play. Using this promotion, that's up to $250 in free money to use anywhere in Bovada's sportsbook! Bovada is so sure you'll love what they have to offer they'll let you try new features like live or mobile betting absolutely free, positive that you'll be back for more.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Now that you have all that information at your disposal, why wait until the NFL playoffs are around the corner again? Start up an account with a great online sportsbook today and see what you've been missing. Never watch a Packers game the same way again!